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“I always try to live
a colorful life and let my
instincts guide me.”
Nathalie Benareau
I remember one unforgettable night in Geneva. I was sipping champagne outdoors, overlooking the beautiful lake with the French Alps in the background. I always try to let my instincts be my guide. It makes life more colorful. That night the crisp gentle breeze that swept over the lake and the effervescent aroma of the champagne, inspired me to create a fragrance that would bring me back to that night when everything around me glistened with beauty.
“My philosophy is to approach life with creative abandon. It inspires me to look beyond what is, and discover what could be. I wanted to create a fragrance that would be captivating and powerfully beautiful. I decided to combine the alluring Cattelya Orchid and the divine magnolia flower, both symbols of beauty and strength. This creation is for a woman who is driven by her passion and by her strength in all she does.
“Approach life
with creative abandon.”
Patricia Bilodeau
“I always find inspiration
in the combination of
contrasting characteristics
and traits.”
Mathieu Nardin
Being raised in the South of France, and living in New York City, always reminds me of the contrast between these two worlds. Perhaps that’s why I always find inspiration in the juxtaposition of contrasting characteristics and traits. When creating this fragrance, I imagined a woman who is full of vitality, but a bit mysterious. Her presence inspires those around her. This is a fun, floral fruity scent with a magnetic personality. It celebrates the strength within every women.
I find endless beauty in the changing seasons. We’re so busy, we sometimes forget to take in the uniquely different sights, sounds and scents each one has to offer. When I open my mind, I can see that the beauty of life is all around me. I created this fragrance with the peacefulness of summer in mind – when the sun is shining, the air is warm, and the days are long. Flowers are in bloom and so is love.” It reminds me of the greenery kissed by summer rain and the flowers that the gentle breezes bring forth.
“When I open my mind,
I can see that the beauty
of life is all around me.”
Patty Hidalgo
“I am often inspired by
people and things
around me.”
Olivia Jan
I am often inspired by the people and things around me, when I take the time to unwrap the layers that lie beneath. In creating this fragrance, I layered the notes with that in mind. I began with luscious fruits to highlight and lift. I also wanted to use floral notes that were both powerful and beautiful – for a strong and independent woman. I chose bold, exotic flowers and accented them with luscious fruits. Then I added rich, warm woods for a dramatic finish.
I often spend weekends at a mountain lake house with my wife and children. Spring usually arrives late, but I remember one weekend in early spring, when the cool lake breeze filled the air with the scent and beauty of the flowers in full bloom. The happiness and comfort I felt, inspired me to create a fragrance that would capture the natural beauty of this memorable landscape. It reminded me to embrace the unexpected in life, as it’s usually a gift.
“Embrace the unexpected
in life. It’s usually a gift.”
David Apel