What is the difference between Pure Perfume, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and Fine Fragrance Mist?
The differences are simply a matter of the amount or concentration of oils in the fragrance. The highest concentration is in pure perfume (or parfum). Next is Eau de Parfum, then Eau de Toilette and finally Fragrance Mist or Body Mist. The higher the concentration, the longer your fragrance will last, and the fewer times you will need to re-apply.

How can I sample Love’s products?
All of the Love’s fragrances have scratch and sniff labels on the top of their boxes so you can smell them in the stores. We’ve also given our retailers testers to allow you to sample the fragrances on your skin, if you like. To discover which fragrances would be best for you, start today by simply taking our Love’s Fragrance Quiz, and we’ll hook you up with a fragrance that’s just right for you!

Does Love’s use animal testing?
Absolutely not! None of the Love’s products have been tested on animals. We do not even purchase ingredients from vendors who test on animals, nor do our vendors purchase from manufacturers who test on animals. You can be sure that no animals were killed or harmed in the process of making our products.

How can I keep my fragrance from going bad?
It’s always best to keep all fragrances in a cool, dry, dark area. Exposure to sunlight can put the various ingredients out of balance after a while. Once a bottle has been opened, keeping it in its box can also ensure a longer shelf life.

What are fragrance notes?
Fragrances are comprised of many different ingredients. These ingredients are called “notes.” These “notes” are skillfully blended to make unique fragrance creations. Fragrance note are often broken down into three parts: Top notes are perceived immediately upon applying your fragrance. These notes are usually light and fresh and evaporate quickly. As the fragrance continues to develop, the Middle notes become apparent. These notes are known as the “heart” of the fragrance.

The middle notes blend with the Base notes of the fragrance. The base notes provide long lasting richness and enhance the overall character of the fragrance. These are the notes that last the longest, usually for several hours. The final result is a well-balanced blending of all ingredients.

Is the Eau So Love’s collection related to Love’s Baby Soft?
Yes it is! Inspired by the women’s movement of the 1960s and a fresh new outlook on love, the original Love Cosmetics brand (1969) broke new ground by encouraging women to be “free, open, and honest” and empowered them to make their own choices and choose their own path. Love’s Baby Soft was an important part of the line and was tremendously popular throughout the 1980s and 90s.

Love’s has been completely re-imagined for a new generation of women and the launch of the Eau So Love’s collection marks a new era of empowerment and growth. This exciting new line is designed to celebrate the beauty, uniqueness, and unstoppable spirit that lies within every woman. The brand is all about encouraging women to carve their own path to happiness and success.

How can I find a store near me that sells Love’s products?
Love’s products are sold at a variety of retail outlets. You can look in the “Where to Buy” section of this site or visit us on Facebook to learn more about current retailers. A quick online search will provide the most up to date information on where to buy Love’s products.