inspired by the women’s movement
of the 1960s and a fresh new outlook on love, the original Love Cosmetics brand (Launched in 1969) broke new ground by encouraging women to be “free, open, and honest” and empowered them to make their own choices and choose their own path.

By 1974, the introduction of Love’s Baby Soft, Love’s Lemon, and Love’s Soft Jasmine brought a new era of clean fresh fragrances that took the market by storm. The new fragrances were an important part of the Love’s line and were wildly popular throughout the 1980s and 90s, selling over 60 million units in the U.S. alone. Super Model Brooke Shields was the face of Love’s, with Baby Soft as its lead product. Young women fell in love with the brand because it championed their independence, but more importantly, they adored the light, powdery, floral scent which was unlike anything else on the market and made them feel sexy.

Today, Love’s has been completely re-imagined for a new generation of women with the launch of the Eau So Love’s collection. The brand is all about encouraging women to carve their own path to happiness and success and marks a new era of empowerment and growth. This exciting new line is designed to celebrate the beauty, uniqueness, and unstoppable spirit that lies within every woman. It’s new, unexpected, and glam-a-delic! Check it out today!

new, unexpected, andEAU SO LOVE’S